Your brand is the lasting image you leave with clients, prospects and your own staff. Make sure your brand is working for you instead of against you. 


  • Through an audit, we will do a temperature check of your company to see where your brand is today and current issues you are facing because of it.
  • We will examine your competition to find the best ways you can improve your brand image and take advantage of gaps in the marketplace.
  • We will shift our focus internally, what do your own employees feel about your brand? Often, internal perception is far from reality. The audit will help us discover what your brand truly is and how best to move it forward.


  • A brand is more than a logo, it is the embodiment of your organization. From color schemes and collateral, to typeface and business cards. We will ensure continuity across your brand.
  • We will work with you to develop a clear and concise positioning statement to put in the hands of your staff and executives. No longer will everyone in your organization have a different elevator speech when they describe your company.
  • Your brandmark is important and working with top designers, we will make sure your new mark embodies your new identity discovered through the brand audit.


  • The best part of rebranding your company - telling the world about it. We will work with you to make sure your message is released in the most effective way possible.
  • We will work as the brand police for you to keep your company on point and moving ahead with your new identity. This can take the form of regular audits to assure brand integrity. 
  • We will help map out your new brand's evolution across product lines and division levels.