Successful media relations is more than just a press release. It is getting you in front of the media to push your brand to the next level.



Goal assessment and roadmap construction

We will assess where your media goals currently are and establish a roadmap to get them where you they need to be.

Target Media Outlets and reporters

We will target media outlets and reporters that best aline with your goals.

Establish you as a thought leader

Working with you and your team, we will establish your company as thought leaders in your space through interviews, byline articles and on-camera expert appearances.



Be memorable to reporters and audiences

Not everyone is a great "talking head" out of the gate. We will work with you to help get your key messages out in an interview, and in the process be memorable enough to be asked back.

become comfortable in interviews

Through detailed coaching and practice with our experts, you will become comfortable talking in front of the camera and with reporters.

Construct a soundbite

We will teach you the importance of a soundbite and how to take control during an interview. Through coaching you will master techniques, like blocking and bridging along with focusing on your single overriding communication objective (SOCO).



Control the interview with Efficient planning

Long before the cameras are turned and the reporter asks their first question, you need to plan your messaging. We will work with you on your SOCO to help you drive the interview.

Drive Crisis communications

Learn how to navigate a public crisis, control the news cycle and minimize damage. We will help you anticipate how the media will approach you and how you can best respond to mitigate the risk and protect your reputation.

We will extract stories to keep your brand fresh

We know that you are busy and may not realize the great stories you have in your organization. We will work with you to extract those stories to keep your brand fresh in the eyes of reporters and media consumers.