The Microwave Ruined Our Expectations


30 seconds and my food goes from ice cold to the perfect temperature. That is commonplace now, but 25 years ago, that was a pipedream and we knew it took a solid 45 minutes to get my meatloaf and tator tots to the table and in my belly.

Our expectations of everything have increased at an alarming rate as well. We want the heat in our car (especially us midwesterners) to be at a perfect 70 degrees in a matter of seconds during the negative windchill winter weather. We publish an article or musing on social networks and feel like a failure if it hasn’t gone viral in a matter of minutes. We expect immediate success in all that we do.

I’m not saying that immediate success isn’t something to hope or strive for - but when we expect it for everything...all the time, then there is a firm disconnect with reality. Success involves sweat equity. It takes time and proper planning. Sometimes it takes sleepless nights and caffeinated days. But the payoff is worth it.

We all know the failures that many famous people went through before they hit it big (we’ve read the “successories” our moms have shared with us). From Abraham Lincoln losing elections to Thomas Edison going through thousands of tests before he finally came to the right formula for the light bulb, it took time, frustration, and failure before they hit success.

So while we hope for immediate success, we need to pause and look at that light bulb glowing in our microwave as we heat our hot pocket and realize that a lot of time and work went into making it all happen. We need to adjust our expectations because dreams don’t come true in seconds or even minutes. They take hard work, but when they do become a success - they are even more delicious.

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