The Escalator is Actually a Fun Ride


We’ve all been behind those people on the escalator. You anxiously get off the train or quickly want to hurry to the next floor of the store and there you are - stuck behind someone who isn’t walking up the escalator. This used to bother me. Bother isn’t even the word - it would make my blood boil. Why aren’t you walking up? This is meant to speed the process up and yet, people on the stairs are passing you as you wait behind Mr./Ms. Standing Person. I used to go on rants on social media screaming in all caps - THE ESCALATOR IS NOT A RIDE!

Today, as I went to get on the escalator and was stuck behind a full line of people standing - I realized. This is a ride… a fun ride that is breaking up the monotony of my commute. Why not enjoy it. Why not take those 15 seconds to stop and smell the roses. Why shouldn’t we use those brief moments and take a deep breath and enjoy the little things? Riding an escalator doesn’t cost you a dime. It is a break from the world to let someone (in this case - something) help you out. We don’t have that opportunity very often in life and maybe we should look for them. Instead of doing everything on our own (and often times half-assed because we are overwhelmed with a billion projects and tasks), why not rely on others to help out? Have a colleague proof that article. Have a friend pick up the phone and make that call to a contact on your behalf. Why not have your kids set the table today, or do the dishes? Why not get that CRM software that can increase efficiency in your business instead of trying to force everything into a spreadsheet?

We often hurry through things because we have to move on to the next task. There are people and processes all around us that can make our life easier if we let them. It isn’t giving up or taking the easy road, it is working smarter - not harder. So go ahead - step on to that escalator and have a fun ride.

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