Don't Build Teams NFL Draft Style

Imagine if we built our teams like how NFL franchises handle the draft. I will be the first to admit, I’m addicted to the draft. I went nearly 10 years without missing a single pick. I’d plan my whole weekend around it so I wouldn’t miss the analysis and coverage. During that time, you hear a ton of cliches.

  • Tremendous upside
  • A locker room guy
  • Makes everyone around him better
  • Luxury pick
  • High football IQ
  • Explosive first step
  • He’s a football player

Each year new phrases pop up as each team puts all their hopes and dreams into a draft pick who may or may not pan out. Honestly, it is a crap shoot. For every Peyton Manning and Tom Brady there is Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel. Actually, more busts than wins.

NFL teams learn everything about an athlete from the end of the NCAA season through the combine until the draft. Even then, mistakes can be made. What NFL teams can do though is drop a player, cut their losses, trade players and if you are Cleveland - get excited about next year’s draft.

As idealistic as it is, we can’t build our teams like NFL franchises. We can’t afford to hope the “tremendous upside” turns into profits. We need to be sure and if we do make a misstep building our team, we need to identify it quickly and decide how to make it work. It is often a multi-year project. There isn’t another draft in 12 months to rebuild our team.

Unfortunately, if we approached building our teams like the NFL, our companies would be in trouble and we’d quickly be out of a job. That being said - we can learn a lot from the NFL. We need to approach building our business teams like building an athletic team. Each player has their key role and focus. We can’t have a room full of quarterbacks. We can’t afford to just have generalists. We need to assemble a team with various different specialties so we can work better and most efficiently as a team.

We do our due diligence and build the best teams possible. If we do our homework, we can put together a team that can win. Just hope your team is not the Browns and more like the Patriots.